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Em’s 4 Kids and Em’s 4 Bubs. Child and Baby Ear Defenders. Hearing Protection for Little Ears!

Boomer Phelps baby ear defenders

Click here to purchase the Em’s 4 Bubs Stars and Stripes Baby Ear Defenders, as modelled by Boomer Phelps!

  • Click here to view our Em's 4 Kids ear defenders – the original, compact children's ear defenders

  • Em's 4 Bubs Baby Earmuffs

    Click here to see our Em's 4 Bubs – the world's first baby earmuffs. Have a look at our new headband designs!

  • Em's 4 Bubs Baby Earmuff Headbands

    Click here to see our NEW range of Em's 4 Bubs Adjustable Headbands

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    Em's 4 Kids Audio Headphones - Volume Limited Stereo Headphones for Kids!

  • Em's 4 Kids Photos

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