Ems for Kids noise reduction ear defenders help little ears find ‘quiet’ in a noisy world. By helping to reduce ambient and background noise, a pair of ‘Ems’ ear defenders help combat sensory overload, filter out distractions and increase calm, while still allowing your child to hear the voice of someone speaking to them.

Ems for Kids is proud to work alongside a number of organisations that specialise in auditory processing disorder, sensory processing disorder (SPD) and autism; as well as directly supporting schools and families on the hunt for sensory solutions for their little ones. Families who couldn’t go to the movies, train stations, or the fireworks, now are able to attend these events and more with Ems for Kids noise reduction ear defenders.

With 3 colourful product ranges, BABY (0-18m), KIDS (6m+) and AUDIO (6m+), there is an ear defender to suit any noisy environment at any age.

We’d love to HEAR from you! For further questions, wholesale enquiries, or to share your Em’s experience, email us at jen@emsforkids.co.uk.


High quality, industrial grade hearing protection ear defenders designed especially for little ears ages 6 months to mid-teen. Size adjustable headband and extendable metal arms allow the ear defenders to grow with your child. They fold up to fit in the palm of your hand and are lightweight (190 grams) making them easy to carry with you, or store away. Made to last and with a 26 Decibel (dB) Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), they are tough enough to keep up with the noisiest little adventurer. All Ems for Kids ear defenders are tested to global safety standards ANSI S3.19 and EN352-1:2002.


Volume limited to 85dB* and with an added internal acoustic treatment to further reduce external noise, Ems for Kids AUDIO Headphones are a safe way for kids to enjoy music, movies and more while travelling or in the company of others. All Ems for Kids products are tested to global safety standards ANSI S3.19 and EN352-1:2002.