Ems for Kids ear defenders are designed to protect your child from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).  The good news is NIHL is 100% preventable. Being aware of the BIG noises in your world and investing in a pair of Ems for Kids hearing protection ear defenders for your baby or child is a great first step to protecting the little ears in your family. Keep a pair of ‘Ems’ handy for noisy family adventures like fireworks, live sport and music, in flight travel and for big noises around the home too. 

Ems for Kids BABY Earmuffs
KIDS Earmuffs by Ems for Kids

Ems for Kids noise reduction ear defenders help little ears find ‘quiet’ in a noisy world. By helping to reduce ambient and background noise, a pair of ‘Ems’ ear defenders can help combat sensory overload, filter out distractions and increase calm, while still allowing your child to hear your voice and those around them. 

Ems for Kids Noise Reduction Earmuffs